Accolade – Contes de Noël II – Pierre Paroz

The French dictionary defines an accolade as “I. the act of hugging somebody in your arms as a sign of friendship. Giving, receiving a hug” and “II. a typographical sign (}) used to bring together words, lines, etc.” When we are exposed to it, this word begins to resonate very clearly: Christmas celebrates the fact that, through the birth of Jesus, God gave the world a “hug”, and therefore our ordinary life, well-represented by the characters in the nativity scene, this small, dark and exploited world, can no longer be thought of without the dimension of the Promise. It does not matter who we are, we all dare to believe that we are destined to a future of freedom. A hug connects this collection to Parenthèse, the second volume in a series of adult Christmas tales. In addition to open stories in its first part, this second volume brings tales related to the theme of interreligious dialogue (particularly with Islam and Buddhism) in its second part, and seven very small stories set out as Christmas notes, otherwise built around the theme of music, in the third part. Discover the humour of Christmas through the open tales in the first part! As you read the stories in the second part, you will discover the close relationship between the beliefs and spirituality on Earth, as well as possibly the profound originality of Christianity! Let yourself meditate through the strange power of music with the flash narratives in part 3!

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