L’Aventurière des Sables – Sarah Marquis

14’000 km à pied à travers les déserts Australiens

Throughout the pages, enter the fabulous journey traced by Sarah and allowing yourself to be charmed by the Australian deserts that the adventurer crossed during her 17-month journey. From the first to the last page of her story, she retraces the steps of her quest for the absolute and on to the discovery of her deeper self. Without ever thinking of abandoning her mission, this young woman has just spent 510 days travelling alone across the Australian continent. Faced with Mother Nature’s ingratitude, she was able to humble herself to face her destiny, pushing her physical and mental limits. She will use her experience to survive… using her intuition, her tricks, and advanced techniques learned from the American army. Most of the time, the prey pursued would be faster than her. At times, nature would take pity on her and allow her to satiate her hunger. She’ll have no other point of reference than her precious topographical maps and her compass, which she never leaves behind. Meander through her mind and get immersed into her thoughts in the face of this vastness. From Switzerland to Australia, from drought to torrential rains, from dishes of insects to sauerkraut, from her life as a woman to her altruistic thoughts, will you let yourself be taken, step by step, through these red sands?

Around me, everything is yellow. As if they were bleached, these grasses spread out over miles and miles. I look around, I am all alone. At times, these grasses surpass my height; they emit a sweetish tannin smell that itches deep in my throat…