Les confessions de Facchi, L’homme, le footballeur, le dirigeant – Gilbert Facchinetti

Editions du Roc

A peculiar fellow like Facchi, never on time, yet always there! It took him ten years to finally agree to talk, and above all to find bits and pieces of precious moments when his phones weren’t ringing for a new meeting, a quick interview or a charity meal. Ah, this Facchi, who never ceases to astound with his inspirations and reactions, bringing a good mood to the table and proving that, in terms of a formal plan, the only code he’ll ever apply is that of friendship. One of the many questions asked: do you know what is the mother tongue of this grandson of Italian immigrants, born in French-speaking Switzerland, and who never stops travelling? If you do not hesitate to browse through or even read his (almost always) merry confessions, you will soon find out. And many other revelations, especially when it comes to trouble? He’s the devil’s advocate!

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