Passionnément CROQUE-Mort, ma vie, ma vocation – François Vorpe

“The job of an undertaker has no future: customers are never loyal” Paul-Léon Fargue (French writer)

Undertaker: who could wish for such a job? What man, what human being could see themselves some day working in this line of work? Prejudice is hard to live with, and undertakers often have a bad reputation because of our own fears in the face of death. François Vorpe, an undertaker by profession for over 40 years – and by calling for as long as he can remember – began writing a manuscript he thought he would offer as a legacy to his descendants. Driven by his family and friends, the idea of a book made its way to success after 4 years of intermittent writing. It should be mentioned that François Vorpe enjoys life to the fullest and is a man of a thousand aspects, dedicated to his profession, his family, and his passions that are high-performance horseback riding and comedy shows. His book takes you to an unknown land, his own, but that could one day also be ours.

François Vorpe was born on 18 February 1953 in Sombeval, a village in the Bernese Jura from where his paternal family originated. He completed his education at the Sonceboz-Sombeval school. At age 16, he began an apprenticeship in a carpentry shop offering funeral services. At the end of his apprenticeship, he completed his training at the Swiss College of Wood in Biel to obtain a federal vocational training certificate in carpentry. At age 22, he started his own business as a carpenter and undertaker.

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