Vol 365 AVEC ESCALES – Elsy Schneider-Nobs

“We will blow softly, with diligence. Play with the colours, while nature darkens in an aquatint. Inventing fragrances, while clouds gather as sprigs of lily of the valley. To be reborn as a child. Rejoicing in nothing and surprised by everything. Laughing out loud. Singing. Whistling. Pirouetting on a growth of grass. Hands in the stars, plucking “Fioretti” from above and braiding them into crowns. Remaining a child, always a spring ahead, with hope in my heart and joy in bloom.”

(excerpt from “Trois signes magiques”)

The gaze is the reflection of the soul; follow that of Elsy Schneider-Nobs: it is bright and lively, as are her writings. Vol 365 avec Escales tells us about months, years, and life in the form of a pirouette, which goes through endless metamorphoses. Pierre-André Kuchen highlights this ephemeral and obstinate nature through his photographs, which wonderfully highlight the author’s texts.

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